My Story

  • Before Acupuncture School, 3 weeks after I got sick, suffered through prescription medicine side-effects.  My face color is scorched and heat toxin acnes were all over my upper body and face. I remember it was extremely painful to smile. Before getting a routine acupuncture treatment.

b4 acupuncture school when i was sick


  • After getting bi-weekly acupuncture of 4 years. I am much healthier and happier! Thank God for leading my life to Acupuncture.

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I woke up one morning in 2008 with a severe sore throat. I didn’t have the traditional flu symptoms and didn’t have a fever, so I was concerned at what it could possibly be. Without a runny nose and a temperature, I couldn’t imagine why my throat would be swollen.

Once I realized this wasn’t going away, I went to an ENT doctor to diagnose what was going on. The doctor sent me on my way with a series of prescriptions that included steroids and opioids for pain. At this point, my throat hurt so bad that I had to take Codeine to swallow a sip of water. I had never taken serious medications before, and thought this was completely ordinary.

After a few days, I noticed that every time I took the medication I was feeling ill. I would suddenly have troubles breathing, my heart rate would go through the roof, and I’d have to lie down to gain composure. After a few days passed and I didn’t notice an improvement, I knew I had to get a second opinion. I couldn’t fall asleep with it being so hard to swallow. Off I went to another ENT doctor, and then another, and essentially one of them told me to I should go to a “bigger” hospital for a throat biopsy since none of the prescription medications would work. That’s when I knew the medication was taking me in the wrong direction. Meanwhile, my throat was still incredibly swollen and I was still taking Codeine just to eat or drink.

I was concerned about the biopsy and the results. In my experience, this was usually left for cancer patients, and I didn’t know what to expect. But since the pain was so excruciating, I didn’t hesitate. The word “biopsy” on it’s own was terrifying. Just the acknowledgement alone already made me feel as if I was diagnosed with throat cancer. My pain matched my concerns and my anxiety began to catapult to exponential levels.

As I left the doctors office, terrified and miserable, I attempted to call my family and express my concerns. I started venting about my experience, all the pills I was taking, all the doctor visits, all the pain, and still no relief. How much Codeine could I keep taking to mask the pain? When I visited my family and shared my frustrations, someone made a comment about going to see an Acupuncturist.

I was obviously reluctant. At this point I had seen so many specialists and tried so many anecdotes, that an Acupuncturist sounded ridiculous. Usually these specialists focuses on joint and muscle pain. I didn’t think my severe condition could be addressed by one of them.

The day of the appointment, I was obviously skeptical. Another doctor, more pain, more pills, when was this going to end? But my appointment was actually my first sign of relief.

I received an all-body acupuncture, and within thirty minutes, I immediately felt my throat getting 50% better and I was able to swallow my own saliva without screaming. I left the office overwhelmed with joy and knew I had to go back the next day. After the second engagement, my pain completely disappeared.

This experience really opened my eyes to what millions of people may possibly experience while trying to resolve their medical issues. I spent thousands of dollars on different medications, and even though my employer provided a great health insurance plan, I was still left with endless bills to cover out of pocket. Aside from the Codeine, there were so many other prescriptions I was given that I wondered what many people do with all of these medicines. I was concerned about their well=being and how they were impacted by the side effects of these various drugs.

This was my enlightenment into the field of Acupuncture and is the origin of my passion for what I do. I fell in love with this medicine that treats the root cause of the diseases and wasn’t just focused on stifling symptoms. All illnesses can lead a path to a healthier life, and it’s crucial to identify when things are working and when they are not. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by reading diagnoses online and trying to guide yourself to a resolution, but together, I hope that Julie Cho Acupuncture can help guide you to harmony and put your medical concerns at ease.